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An online cork board of images, texts and videos found on tumblr by a Sydney student. Mostly to do with food, fashion, people, travel and animals.
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Breakfast at the most consistently good cafe in town. We got charged a 20%(!) public holiday surcharge - so I definitely hope the staff are getting public holiday rates! (at Circa Espresso)

Healthy stuff and not so healthy stuff. #thetuckshop

What’s the point of the #EasterShow without carnival food!

Gorgeous drawing. I bought it from a pop up art store in #Parramatta today.

This is what a successful drive in the (somewhat) #country looks like. #sundayexploring (at Dolcettini)

This is what I call a successful drive in the (somewhat) country looks like. (at Dolcettini - Finest Hand-Crafted Desserts)

Wasn’t sure if that was the I want cuddles face or I’m going to pounce on you face. #gingercats #catsofinstagram

Dodge but cool entrance to a white table cloth restaurant. (at Contrabando Sydney)

A farely dodge but cool entrance to a white dinning table cloth restaurant. (at Contrabando)

Granted this isn’t the prettiest #food out there but it tastes so freaking good! Fairly healthy and easy to make too.

So this is a bit #freaky …

Eyes on the prize! #gingercats #cats #feedingtime

Delicious #indonesian food (at Pondok Indonesian Restaurant)

Could possibly have two trainee #pilots in the group now … (at Bankstown Airport)

Amazing table top and cutlery! #thaifood